Natalia Diamonds - Attention to Detail & Customer Service Not a Priority

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If you are looking for great customer service or you value your loose stones, I would advise to shop elsewhere. Earlier this summer, I sent a rare blue color-change garnet to this store to have set in an engagement ring set that my fiancé and I purchased from them. What I received back, was a chip in my stone and a damaged wedding set from where someone tried to force the stone into a head that it would not fit.

I repeatedly asked the store's manager (his name is Chris) to either replace my stone and fix the ring, or compensate me in an amount equal to a stone of the same value. My request was ignored. Because this stone and ring were so valuable to me I refused to let the issue die. I took the company to court and through arbitration was awarded compensation for the damage the store caused. Now they refuse to pay up, because they, quote, don't feel the arbitrator was "fair." I have pictures of the damage and a statement from an appraiser and two reputable jewelers who testified on my behalf. Natalia Diamonds simply does not want to take responsibility for what they have done.

I am incredibly disappointed by this company's customer service, primarily that of the store manager. I often felt like I was wasting his time and never felt like I was a valued customer or that he/they cared that this was a special and important purchase for me and my fiancé. It just doesn't take that much effort to be polite. Telling me that the damage to my setting and my stone was my problem is not good enough. What makes this whole situation worse is that I love the set; it is exactly what I wanted. Natalia Diamonds made what should have been a great buying experience, a very bad one.

If this company wanted to salvage at least one consumer's faith in their organization, I think they would have settled this situation amicably long before we went to court. But they did not. I am one of those customers who loves to get referrals and will promptly give good ones when warranted. I rarely write negative reviews, but in this case, I think Natalia Diamonds could have done so much better.

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oh, yeah, I'm %100 agree with all of you, natalia diamond is sucks, froud company. stop byuing from them.


I agree with the first poster.They tried selling me a diamond that wasnt really a diamond!

I put a complaint into the district attorneys office.Stay away from this company!


They are a bunch of crooks. They took diamonds from wholesalers and didnt bother paying them. Im not surprised they are screwing the public as well.


If they had taken care of the damage they caused, I'd have nothing but good things to say about them too. But I am still trying to get them to do so. Having hundreds of good customer experiences does not make it okay to treat one badly.


I sympathize with your situation but you can't put Natalia diamonds down just for one thing.They have honestly been very courteous and helpful to me and my friends.

I also had needed a stone set in one of their settings and it turned out exceptionally well. I was so satisfied I told all my friends about it and sure enough they too sent in their stones.

All of them were beyond pleased with the service and quality of their worksmanship.However I really do feel bad for you but I'd still go with Natalia diamonds anyday.

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